There are so many activities I engage in which I genuinely consider a complete waste of time… Since I’m a lean advocate, I constantly assess what I need to cut out so I can be more productive at work and in life. On the top of my, I-seriously-need-to-cut-this-habit-list is complaining. Yep. I’m really good at wasting my own time with a negative comment once in a while. I mostly do it during the winter. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s my Middle Eastern DNA subconsciously yearning for the sun? Anyways,  whenever I rationalize my winter-complaining-habit I realize how silly it is. As if my comments would make Mother Nature fast-forward to summer? And that’s the thing. A negative comment doesn’t solve a problem. It just states the negative. Sometimes you need to vent. I get that. But if it becomes a habit, it can seriously take over your life. One negative comment can quickly become two. And oops, all of a sudden you’ve wasted your valuable time on accomplishing nothing, besides talking about something you dislike which you can do nothing about. I really think that we should be more aware of this, as it can affect our mindset. You don’t want to end up a grumpy old man(or lady) who can’t see the good in anything…

Being very aware of my winter-complaining-habit, I decided some years ago that I had to do something about it. I therefore signed up for a complaint restraint challenge which I discovered online. I do it every year. It’s pretty cool. All you have to do is commit to a complaint-free February. It has really helped me be more aware of why and when I complain. If you want to try it out for yourself click here.

Work and progress, 

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