Several months back I applied for McKinsey’s event “Next Generation Women Leaders” in Paris. I have always been interested in management consulting and this event sounded like a great opportunity to meet other ambitious people, learn something new about leadership as well as get to know one of the best consulting firms in the world.  Even though I was not selected to actually participate in the event, I was told that one of the offices was “impressed by [my] achievements to date and would very much like to keep in touch with [me].” This was the first time I ever heard about McKinsey Keep in Touch Program. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find any information about this program online. It was really surprising because I thought that in the 21st century Google should be able to answer any question.

So my curiosity and genuine interest in the company made me sign up for this program. In the invitation email I received, McKinsey describes the program as following: “The Keep in Touch Program provides select candidates like you with special access to McKinsey. This includes an invitation-only webinar series with firm colleagues to help you learn more about who we are, as well as electronic newsletters that highlight our latest projects and thinking to help you learn more about what we do.”

The way it works is that I receive email invitations to various webinars that occur nearly every two weeks. The topics vary greatly from personal stories of McKinsey employees across the globe to insights into McKinsey’s recent acquisitions or application process. Participants also get a possibility to ask questions after each session so it is a really great way to learn more about the topic and the company. Finally, if I am unable to participate in any of the webinars, I can easily watch them at a later point in time.

To be completely honest with you, I am not planning to apply for a job at McKinsey any time soon. Yet, I find this program extremely valuable. It is a great source of inspiration for self-development as you get a chance to learn about other people’s amazing career journeys as well as to get access to the most recent developments in business and public sector around the world. So if any of you ever get a chance to become part of this program, I highly recommend you to sign up, even if you are not interested in management consulting career.

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