One of the skills that I’ve developed throughout my studies and which has transferred to my life is the ability to do exhaustive research (I’m seriously ruined for life). So whenever I need to acquire new knowledge about something I initiate an extensive research resulting in a long list of articles, videos and books that I need to keep up with… This is why I always have a long list of books that I need to read in order to keep up with all of my interests. As much as I enjoy reading, I rarely get to read everything on my list during my busy weeks (especially since I am constantly adding new ones to the list!). This is why I was so excited when Anastasija recommended me the Blinkist app – an app which summarizes non-fiction books and distills them into key messages which makes it possible to read (or listen) to a book in just 15 minutes. I’m already in love with the app and personally use it weekly as it really is a great way for me to stay updated.

To read more about the app click here or download it via Googleplay or App store.

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