When I was studying to attain my bachelor degree I joined forces with one of my class-mates to launch our first venture as we both had the same dream; to become business owners. Back then, we felt like everything was possible and came up with an idea which we believed had much potential for growth.  Despite having a great idea we did not have much experience (to say the least!) and therefore needed a lot of advice and support in the beginning as relying solely on our Google searches for advice would probably not be the greatest strategy. To find some help we searched online and stumbled upon Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship – a start-up incubator at Copenhagen Business School. We looked through what they had to offer and were so intrigued that we immediately applied to become part of it. Even though we did not use all that CSE had to offer due to being overworked, it was exactly what we needed at the time. CSE offers start-ups a free open office space where you sit next to other entrepreneurs (pretty cool when you are on a student budget and have a small network). CSE also offers start-ups mentors, workshops, tools and events so there is plenty of room for increasing your knowledge. It is really a great place if you have an idea that you want to execute and if you want to expand your network and increase your skills.

If you have a great idea and want to read more on how to get an office space at CSE click here to visit their website.

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