If you asked me this question 15-20 years ago, I would give you an answer right away without any hesitation. At that time, I knew exactly who I want to become when I grow up and I never doubted that my dreams were the right ones and one day they will come true. I could easily imagine myself wearing a doctor’s white robe or walking down the red carpet and only sky was the limit.

Currently, I am working as an analyst in Finance Department in Novozymes and I must admit I love my job. I think it is challenging and fascinating and it allows me to utilize the skills I have and develop new ones. Even though I like what I am doing, I am not sure if that is the area in which I want to specialize in and whether it is something I will find motivating for the rest of my life. There are so many opportunities out there and saying “yes” to one means saying “no” to the other.

So when my manager asked me to fill out an Individual Development Plan, I froze up. I could easily write a page on what skills I would like to develop and which projects I would like to be a part of, yet I could not make myself answer a question regarding my future job aspirations. I have met plenty of people who knew exactly what they want to do. I felt like they have a manual outlining their career plan and telling them exactly what they should be doing at different points of their lives. I never had one which was quite frustrating at times.

The problem is that I know very little about myself. Since the moment I decided to move to Denmark, my life became an adventure (and occasionally a fight for survival☺). I have built my experience and understanding of what I am good at by trying different things: I had several student jobs, took part in university clubs, and did a little bit of volunteering. One thing I found out was that you will never know if you like something or not unless give it a shot. And the outcomes may often surprise you.

I can only encourage young people like me who do not have clear career aspirations to be open to opportunities that life throws at them as this was how I landed my first job which I am very happy about. But remember that “If you don’t know where you are going, you will never reach your destination”. One may say that deciding on destination can be as exciting as the journey itself. But we all want to be successful and to be recognized, so sooner or later I will have to make that choice.

Work and progress,

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