Job search as a student or a young graduate can be rather frustrating. It seems like all the employers want someone with perfect grades, relevant work experience and an interesting hobby. Oh, and you should have preferably lived in several countries and have done something great for the community. For many students in their 20s it may sound unrealistic, but I found the solution that helped me to get scores if not in all, then in many of the categories mentioned above – 180 Degrees Consulting. It is the world’s largest student consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises. By joining this international organization you will get a unique experience of working in a diverse team of 4-5 students. During the period of 4 months you will receive an extensive training from the leading consulting firms to be able to solve a real issue that a local non-profit or a social enterprise is facing. I must say, it is a great chance to create an impact as well as improve your consulting skills while at the same time upgrade your CV with a relevant work experience. More importantly, you will get to know other students from all over the world studying different programs and have a lot of fun throughout the process.

To learn more, go to or find information about 180 Degrees Consulting on your university website.

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